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Al-Nassr’s Ronaldo not retiring due to ultimate dream, says ex-Chelsea star

In a recent interview, an ex-Chelsea star shed light on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ultimate dream. The star revealed that Ronaldo’s ambition goes beyond just winning trophies and accolades on the field.

The Ultimate Goal

According to the ex-Chelsea player, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ultimate dream is to leave a lasting legacy in the world of football. He is driven by the desire to inspire the next generation of players and make a positive impact on the sport.

Why Retirement is Not on the Cards

Despite his age, the Al-Nassr star is not thinking of retiring anytime soon. He remains as motivated and dedicated as ever, constantly pushing himself to new heights.

Unwavering Determination

The ex-Chelsea star emphasized that Cristiano Ronaldo’s unwavering determination and work ethic are what set him apart from others. He is always seeking new challenges and ways to improve, refusing to rest on his laurels.

Looking to the Future

As Cristiano Ronaldo continues to chase his ultimate dream, fans can expect to see him on the field for years to come. His passion for the game and desire to leave a lasting legacy ensure that retirement is not on the horizon.

The Legacy Continues

With each game he plays and each goal he scores, Cristiano Ronaldo moves one step closer to achieving his ultimate dream. His dedication and drive serve as an inspiration to all who watch him play.

In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ultimate dream transcends the boundaries of the football pitch. He is a true legend in the making, driven by a desire to leave a lasting legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.