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Casemiro has Become Man Utd’s Weak Link: Erik ten Hag Must Consider Dropping ex-Real Madrid Man to Get Red Devils’ Season Back on Track

In recent times, it has become apparent that Casemiro, the former Real Madrid midfielder, is struggling to perform at his best for Manchester United. With the Red Devils’ season hanging in the balance, it is imperative that Erik ten Hag, the team’s manager, seriously considers the possibility of dropping Casemiro to revitalize their campaign. This article will delve into the reasons behind Casemiro’s decline and the potential impact of his exclusion from the starting lineup.

Casemiro’s Struggles

Casemiro’s arrival at Manchester United was met with great excitement and expectations. Being a proven performer at Real Madrid, many believed that he would seamlessly fit into the team’s midfield and provide the necessary defensive stability. However, as the season has progressed, it has become clear that Casemiro has failed to live up to these expectations. His performances have been inconsistent, lacking the defensive prowess that made him a standout player in the past.

Decline in Defensive Abilities

One of the main issues plaguing Casemiro’s game is a decline in his defensive abilities. Previously known for his excellent positioning, tackling, and ability to break up opposition attacks, Casemiro’s defensive contributions have dwindled. He often seems to be a step behind, allowing opponents to bypass him easily. This lack of defensive solidity has exposed Manchester United’s backline and led to numerous goals conceded.

Lack of Composure on the Ball

Another area where Casemiro is faltering is his composure on the ball. At Real Madrid, he was known for his calmness and ability to recycle possession under pressure. However, at Manchester United, he has shown a tendency to make errant passes and lose possession in crucial areas of the pitch. This not only disrupts the team’s attacking rhythm but also puts unnecessary pressure on the defense.

Impact on Manchester United’s Season

The inclusion of Casemiro in the starting lineup, despite his struggles, has had a detrimental effect on Manchester United’s season. The team’s defensive vulnerability and lack of control in midfield have cost them valuable points in crucial matches. With the top positions in the league table slipping away, it is essential for Erik ten Hag to make the difficult decision of dropping Casemiro in order to stabilize the team and get their season back on track.

The Need for Change

In order to rectify the situation, Erik ten Hag must consider alternatives to Casemiro in the midfield. Whether it be a change in formation or bringing in a different player, the team needs a fresh approach to reignite their season. By doing so, Manchester United can regain their defensive solidity and provide a stronger platform for their attacking players to flourish.

Casemiro’s struggles at Manchester United have become evident and cannot be ignored any longer. Erik ten Hag must prioritize the team’s performance and make the tough decision of dropping the ex-Real Madrid man. By doing so, the Red Devils can address their defensive shortcomings and refocus their season. Only time will tell if this bold move will pay off, but the potential benefits make it a risk worth taking.