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Erik ten Hag backs Marcus Rashford to use England snub as ‘fuel’ and insists beleaguered Man Utd striker is ‘highly motivated’ for FA Cup final against Man City

Erik ten Hag’s Confidence in Marcus Rashford’s Motivation

Manager Erik ten Hag has expressed unwavering support for Marcus Rashford, despite the striker’s recent England snub. Ten Hag believes Rashford will use this setback as motivation to excel in the upcoming FA Cup final against Manchester City. The manager praised Rashford’s resilience and determination, emphasizing that the player remains highly motivated to deliver a stellar performance on the pitch.

Rashford’s Resilience and Determination

Despite facing criticism and setbacks, Rashford continues to showcase his commitment to excellence. Ten Hag commended Rashford’s unwavering focus and dedication to his craft. The manager believes that Rashford’s resilience in the face of adversity will fuel his performance in the crucial FA Cup final, providing him with the drive to succeed against all odds.

The Crucial FA Cup Final Against Manchester City

As the FA Cup final against Manchester City looms, Rashford’s determination to prove his critics wrong is at an all-time high. Ten Hag emphasized the significance of this match as a platform for Rashford to showcase his skills and silence his doubters. The manager’s confidence in Rashford’s ability to rise to the occasion underscores the striker’s relentless pursuit of success on the pitch.

Harnessing Setbacks as Fuel for Success

Ten Hag’s unwavering support for Rashford underscores the manager’s belief in the striker’s ability to turn setbacks into stepping stones towards success. Rashford’s resilience in the face of challenges serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. As the FA Cup final approaches, Rashford’s determination to excel and prove his worth will undoubtedly drive him to deliver a standout performance on the grand stage.

In conclusion, Erik ten Hag’s backing of Marcus Rashford ahead of the FA Cup final highlights the striker’s resilience, determination, and unwavering motivation to succeed. Rashford’s ability to harness setbacks as fuel for success underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence on the pitch. As the highly anticipated final draws near, all eyes will be on Rashford to deliver a performance that showcases his true potential and solidifies his place as a formidable force in English football.