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Is Phil Foden better off without Kevin De Bruyne? England midfielder is ‘thriving’ for Man City when Belgian star is absent, says Alan Shearer

Is Phil Foden Better Off Without Kevin De Bruyne?

Phil Foden Shines in De Bruyne’s Absence

Since his introduction to the Manchester City squad, Phil Foden has been a player of immense promise and potential. However, the question of whether he performs better without Kevin De Bruyne by his side has sparked debates among football fans and pundits alike. Alan Shearer, a notable voice in the football community, has pointed out that Foden seems to thrive when the Belgian star is not in the lineup.

Foden’s Rise in De Bruyne’s Absence

When Kevin De Bruyne is absent from the pitch, Phil Foden steps up to fill the void seamlessly. His creativity, vision, and ability to orchestrate plays have been on full display in De Bruyne’s absence. Foden’s performances have been nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his talent and potential as a top-tier midfielder.

The Dynamic Duo: Foden and De Bruyne

While there is no denying the chemistry between Foden and De Bruyne when they play together, Foden’s individual brilliance shines through when he is given the opportunity to take the reins in De Bruyne’s absence. It is not a question of one player being better than the other, but rather a testament to Foden’s adaptability and skill on the field.

Unlocking Foden’s Full Potential

Playing alongside a player of De Bruyne’s caliber undoubtedly elevates Foden’s game and provides him with valuable experience and guidance. However, the moments when Foden is the focal point of City’s midfield allow him to express himself freely and showcase his full range of abilities. These opportunities are crucial for his development and growth as a player.

In conclusion, while Phil Foden undoubtedly benefits from having Kevin De Bruyne as a teammate, he has proven that he is more than capable of thriving in the spotlight when De Bruyne is unavailable. Foden’s performances in De Bruyne’s absence speak volumes about his maturity, skill, and potential to become a key player for Manchester City in the years to come.