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Jesse Lingard sends throwback birthday message to former Man Utd star and ‘day one’ Paul Pogba as recently-banned midfielder turns 31

Jesse Lingard’s Heartfelt Birthday Message to Paul Pogba: A True Friendship in Football

Lingard’s Throwback Birthday Greeting to Paul Pogba

Jesse Lingard recently took to social media to send a touching throwback birthday message to his longtime friend and former Manchester United teammate, Paul Pogba. The midfielder, who has just turned 31, received warm wishes from Lingard, who referred to Pogba as his ‘day one’ in their football journey together.

A Bond Beyond the Pitch

The bond between Lingard and Pogba extends far beyond the football field, showcasing a friendship that has stood the test of time. Lingard’s heartfelt message not only celebrated Pogba’s birthday but also highlighted the camaraderie and support they share, both on and off the pitch.

Lingard’s Tribute: A Gesture of True Friendship

In his message, Lingard reminisced about the moments shared with Pogba, emphasizing the significance of their friendship over the years. The throwback post not only captured the essence of their connection but also reflected the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other as individuals and as athletes.

A Timeless Friendship

As Lingard’s tribute to Pogba circulated online, fans and followers were quick to join in the celebration of their enduring friendship. The genuine nature of Lingard’s message resonated with many, showcasing the power of authentic relationships in the world of professional sports.

Looking Ahead: Lingard and Pogba’s Continued Journey

As Lingard and Pogba continue their respective football journeys, their unwavering friendship serves as a reminder of the importance of camaraderie and support in the competitive realm of professional sports. With Lingard’s birthday tribute, the bond between these two players is not only highlighted but celebrated as a testament to true friendship in the world of football.