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‘Kudus is a million times better than Osimhen, Egypt looked better without Salah, Ghana should pack their bags’ – Fans

Kudus vs. Osimhen: Fans Weigh In on African Football Stars

The Kudus-Osimhen Debate

When it comes to African football, debate and controversy are never far behind. Recently, fans have been passionately discussing the performances of Mohammed Kudus and Victor Osimhen. Both players have been making waves in the football world, prompting fervent discussions among fans about who truly shines brighter on the pitch. Let’s delve into the insights and opinions of passionate football fans about these two rising stars.

Kudus: A Rising Star

Mohammed Kudus has been a revelation for Ajax and the Ghanaian national team. His agility, vision, and goal-scoring prowess have earned him accolades from fans and experts alike. Many fans argue that Kudus’s impact on the pitch is unparalleled, citing his ability to dictate the tempo of the game and create scoring opportunities for his team.

Osimhen: A Striking Talent

On the other hand, Victor Osimhen has been making headlines with his performances for Napoli and the Nigerian national team. Known for his explosive speed and clinical finishing, Osimhen has caught the eye of fans who appreciate his ability to change the course of a game with his goal-scoring prowess.

Egypt’s Salah Conundrum

While Mohamed Salah is undeniably a top talent, some fans have voiced the opinion that Egypt’s national team looks more cohesive and dynamic without the Liverpool star. This surprising viewpoint has sparked intense discussions about the impact of individual superstars on team dynamics.

Ghana’s World Cup Qualification Woes

Ghana’s recent struggles in the World Cup qualifiers have left fans disillusioned. Many have expressed frustration over the team’s performance and called for a critical evaluation of the squad’s capabilities. The disappointment among fans is palpable, with some even suggesting that the team should prioritize rebuilding for future tournaments.


The passionate debates among fans about Kudus, Osimhen, Salah, and the Ghanaian national team reflect the intense emotions and diverse viewpoints within the African football community. As the football landscape continues to evolve, these discussions will undoubtedly persist, adding to the rich tapestry of African football fandom.