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Lionel Messi will be proud! Stand-in Argentina captain Angel Di Maria curls home sensational 25-yard free kick to spark comeback against Costa Rica as World Champions win again in Inter Miami superstar’s absence

Di Maria’s Stellar Performance

In a thrilling match against Costa Rica, Angel Di Maria stepped up as the stand-in captain for Argentina and showcased his exceptional talent with a breathtaking 25-yard free kick that sealed the team’s victory. The crowd erupted in cheers as Di Maria’s precise curling shot found the back of the net, sparking a sensational comeback for the World Champions.

A Moment of Brilliance

The moment of Di Maria’s free kick was nothing short of magical, as the ball sailed through the air with grace and precision before nestling into the top corner of the goal. His skill and composure under pressure were on full display, leaving fans and teammates in awe of his talent.

Inspiring Leadership

As the stand-in captain for Argentina, Di Maria not only delivered a stunning performance on the field but also showed exemplary leadership qualities. His ability to rally the team and lead by example was instrumental in inspiring the comeback against a resilient Costa Rica side.

Celebrating Victory

The victory against Costa Rica marked another impressive win for the World Champions, further solidifying their position as a dominant force in international football. Di Maria’s heroics on the field will undoubtedly make Lionel Messi proud, as he continues to carry the torch for Argentina with skill and determination.

Looking Ahead

With Di Maria’s stellar performance and inspiring leadership, Argentina’s future looks bright as they set their sights on more victories in the Inter Miami superst. The team’s resilience and talent, exemplified by players like Di Maria, will continue to drive them towards success on the global stage.

In conclusion, Angel Di Maria’s sensational free kick and impactful leadership have not only secured a memorable victory for Argentina but have also highlighted his exceptional talent and dedication to the team. As the World Champions march on in the Inter Miami superst, fans can look forward to more moments of brilliance from Di Maria and his teammates.