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Portugal’s Euro 2024 squad needs Ronaldo’s selfish play style

When examining Portugal’s performance at Euro 2024, one aspect that stands out is the need for their superstar playmakers to exhibit a higher level of selfishness on the field. While teamwork is crucial in football, there are times when individual brilliance can make all the difference in a game. Cristiano Ronaldo, a prime example of this approach, has shown time and again that being selfish can lead to success.

The Power of Selfishness in Football

In football, being selfish doesn’t necessarily mean disregarding your teammates. It’s about having the confidence to take matters into your own hands when the situation calls for it. Portugal’s playmakers have the skills and talent to influence the game positively, but sometimes they shy away from seizing the moment. By emulating Ronaldo’s assertiveness in front of goal, they can elevate their performance and make a more significant impact on the team’s overall success.

Breaking Down Ronaldo’s Approach

Ronaldo’s success as a footballer can be attributed in part to his unapologetically selfish playing style. His hunger for goals and determination to be the best have set him apart from his peers. By closely observing Ronaldo’s movements on the field, Portugal’s playmakers can learn valuable lessons on how to assert themselves and make decisive plays when it matters most.

Embracing Selfishness for the Greater Good

While selflessness is a virtue, there are instances in football where a bit of selfishness can be beneficial. By taking more shots, making bold runs, and being unafraid to go for goal, Portugal’s playmakers can create more scoring opportunities and keep their opponents on their toes. It’s about finding the right balance between teamwork and individual initiative to propel the team towards victory.

In conclusion, Portugal’s superstar playmakers have the talent and potential to shine at Euro 2024, but they need to be willing to embrace a bit of selfishness to truly make their mark. By studying Cristiano Ronaldo’s approach and incorporating some of his assertiveness into their playing style, they can elevate their performance and help lead their team to glory. It’s time for Portugal’s playmakers to take a leaf out of Ronaldo’s book and show the world what they are truly capable of achieving on the football pitch.