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Real Madrid ratings vs Rayo Vallecano: Where are you, Jude?! Joselu on target but Bellingham badly missed by Los Blancos as Raul de Tomas returns to haunt Los Blancos

Real Madrid Ratings vs Rayo Vallecano: Where Are You, Jude?!

Real Madrid faced off against Rayo Vallecano in a highly anticipated match that left fans both perplexed and bursting with emotions. Despite Joselu finding the target and Raul de Tomas haunting Los Blancos, one name was noticeably absent – Jude Bellingham. Let’s delve into the ratings of the players and the impact of key moments in the game.

Joselu Shines Bright

In a match that saw moments of brilliance and missed opportunities, Joselu emerged as a shining star for Rayo Vallecano. His precision in front of goal and ability to capitalize on Real Madrid’s defensive lapses earned him high praise and a well-deserved spot on the scoresheet.

The Absence of Jude Bellingham

One name that was sorely missed in Real Madrid’s lineup was Jude Bellingham. His absence was felt throughout the game, leaving fans wondering where he was and how his presence could have potentially altered the outcome. The midfield lacked his dynamic presence and creativity, highlighting the importance of his role in the team.

Raul de Tomas Haunts Los Blancos

Former Real Madrid player Raul de Tomas made a memorable return to haunt his former club, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess and leaving a lasting impact on the game. His performance served as a reminder of the talent that once graced the Los Blancos squad and the challenges they faced in containing his threat.

Final Thoughts

In a match filled with twists and turns, Real Madrid’s ratings against Rayo Vallecano reflected a mix of standout performances and missed opportunities. While Joselu impressed with his goal-scoring abilities, the absence of Jude Bellingham and the haunting presence of Raul de Tomas added layers of complexity to the game. As fans reflect on this match, one question lingers – where are you, Jude?

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on Real Madrid’s journey in the season.