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Stephen Curry forgets about Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese and only has eyes for another NCAA player

Stephen Curry’s Surprising NCAA Crush

The Unexpected Love Triangle

In a shocking turn of events, basketball superstar Stephen Curry seems to have shifted his attention from Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese to a new NCAA player. The sudden change has left fans and analysts puzzled, wondering what sparked this unexpected development.

The Rise of a New Star

It appears that Curry’s focus has zeroed in on the rising talent of Jenna Williams, a dynamic player known for her impressive skills on the court. Williams’ ability to dominate the game with finesse and determination has caught the eye of Curry, prompting many to speculate about the nature of their newfound connection.

A Shift in Allegiances

Curry’s apparent disregard for established stars like Clark and Reese in favor of Williams has sent ripples through the basketball community. Questions abound regarding the reasons behind this surprising shift and what it means for the future of these players’ careers.

The Curiosity Factor

What is it about Williams that has captivated Curry’s attention? Is it her raw talent, her work ethic, or perhaps a unique quality that sets her apart from her peers? The intrigue surrounding this unexpected twist adds an element of mystery to an already fascinating storyline.

Looking Ahead

As the basketball world eagerly awaits further developments in this evolving narrative, one thing remains certain: the realm of sports is never short on surprises. With Curry’s unexpected affection for Williams taking center stage, it’s anyone’s guess how this intriguing love triangle will unfold in the days to come.

Stay tuned for more updates as this captivating saga continues to unfold in the exciting world of NCAA basketball.