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‘This has to stop’ – Casemiro urged to quit Man Utd and head to MLS or Saudi Arabia after ‘joke’ performance as Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher slams midfielder for miserable Crystal Palace thrashing

Amidst a wave of criticism following a lackluster performance against Crystal Palace, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro finds himself at a career crossroads. Former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher did not mince his words, branding Casemiro’s display as a ‘joke.’ The question now arises – should the midfield maestro bid adieu to Manchester United and seek greener pastures in MLS or Saudi Arabia?

Casemiro’s Struggles at Man Utd

Since his arrival at Old Trafford, Casemiro’s form has been inconsistent at best. Despite flashes of brilliance, the Brazilian has failed to deliver the level of performance expected from a player of his caliber. His lackluster showing against Crystal Palace only served to amplify the growing discontent among fans and pundits alike.

Carragher’s Criticism

Jamie Carragher, known for his no-nonsense analysis, did not hold back in his assessment of Casemiro’s recent performance. The Liverpool legend labeled the display as a ‘joke,’ highlighting the midfielder’s ineffectiveness on the pitch. Carragher’s scathing remarks have further fueled speculation about Casemiro’s future at the club.

The MLS and Saudi Arabia as Potential Destinations

With the criticism mounting and his future at Man Utd in question, Casemiro may need to consider alternative career paths. The MLS and Saudi Arabia present viable options for the Brazilian, offering a fresh start and the opportunity to reignite his passion for the game. A move to either league could provide the reset Casemiro needs to rediscover his form and silence his critics.

As Casemiro weighs his options in the wake of intense scrutiny, the prospect of a move to MLS or Saudi Arabia looms large. Whether he chooses to stay and fight for his place at Manchester United or embark on a new chapter abroad, the midfielder faces a pivotal moment in his career. Only time will tell if Casemiro can rise above the criticism and prove his detractors wrong.