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Wayne Rooney & Tony Bellew join Jordan Pickford & wife Megan at boozy Bongos Bingo birthday bash as Everton & England goalkeeper turns 30

Wayne Rooney & Tony Bellew Spotted at Jordan Pickford’s Boozy Bongos Bingo Birthday Bash

Pickford’s Thirtieth Birthday Celebration

Jordan Pickford, the talented Everton and England goalkeeper, recently celebrated his 30th birthday in style at a lively Bongos Bingo event. The party was attended by a star-studded guest list, including fellow Evertonian Wayne Rooney and former professional boxer Tony Bellew, adding to the excitement of the evening.

A Night of Fun and Revelry

The atmosphere at the birthday bash was filled with excitement as friends and family gathered to commemorate Pickford’s milestone birthday. The presence of Wayne Rooney and Tony Bellew added to the buzz, with guests enjoying an evening of games, music, and laughter at the popular Bongos Bingo venue.

Celebrity Sightings and Social Media Buzz

The presence of well-known personalities like Wayne Rooney and Tony Bellew at the event generated significant attention on social media. Fans and followers were quick to share photos and videos of the celebrities enjoying the festivities, further adding to the excitement surrounding Pickford’s birthday celebration.

Uniting Football and Boxing Stars

The gathering of Wayne Rooney, Tony Bellew, and Jordan Pickford at the Bongos Bingo event showcased the camaraderie and friendship shared among athletes across different sports. Their presence highlighted the close-knit community of sports professionals and added a touch of star power to the evening.

Memorable Moments and Celebrations

As the night unfolded, guests were treated to an unforgettable experience filled with surprises, games, and memorable moments. The presence of Wayne Rooney and Tony Bellew added to the excitement of the evening, creating lasting memories for all in attendance.


Jordan Pickford’s 30th birthday celebration at Bongos Bingo was a night to remember, with the presence of Wayne Rooney and Tony Bellew adding to the star-studded guest list. The event highlighted the bond shared among athletes from different sports and provided a fun and exciting experience for all those in attendance.

Remember to engage with the content and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the birthday bash through the anecdotes shared in this post. Let the presence of sports celebrities like Wayne Rooney and Tony Bellew ignite your imagination and transport you to the vibrant world of Bongos Bingo celebrations.